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We specialize in Indian-Muslim food. Singaporeans must eat at this restaurant if they want a great place to eat. The masalas we use are all homemade. We serve a variety of cuisine at an affordable price with quality guaranteed. Most of the food we serve is Arab-style and Briyani. Over a decade has passed since we began working in this field. There are over ten varieties of biriyani that we make.


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One of best food in Little India also price is normal and the table service was very well , all the food taste was very good and authentic the shop employees are friendly attending the table service.



This restaurant is absolutely class, when I visited Singapore for the first time,I was looking for places to eat and a friend had recommended al abu, this is an absolute must to go to restaurant, it really deserves 5 star rating,if I ever return to Singapore,I will definitely visit this restaurant again.



This restaurant has really authentic indian- muslim food and it tastes amazing. This restaurant is a place you have to go to if you are ever looking for a place to eat in singapore.

Naylan Murali